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Balkan Embroidery Textiles are an ancient and important cultural institution with a complex history. Simultaneously influenced by the design trends of the many – highly diverse – peoples of the countries of the Balkans of southeastern Europe, Balkan embroidery represents a unique development in Western art. Historically, the countries that comprise the Balkans include the deeply culturally disparate nations of Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey.

And while there are a great many profoundly important cultural differences between each of these countries – differences that include religion, ethnic identity, and language, among a great many others – there is in fact a sort of unified aesthetic within the world of Balkan embroidery. Designs within this particular arena are often characterized by rich embroidery lined with tassels. There is also a tendency for these pieces to feature red and blue metal work, as well as angular and sparse lines – an aesthetic that can be found in other veins of Balkan art, most especially in the architectural design of the region.

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