Modern Office Interior Design by Nazmiyal

Designing the Perfect Modern Office

Interior Design and the Perfect Modern Office The Perfect Modern Office – With today’s business world changing gearing up to launch the fresh faces of new start-ups all across the nation, it comes as no surprise that New York City is home to some of the most creative designs for the modern business newbie Who […]

Modern LED Chandelier 96 Lights - Nazmiyal

Modern Lighting Trends in Home Decorating

Modern Lighting Trends in Interior Design Modern Lighting Trends – Lighting has always been at the precipice of modern design constantly redefining the interior design world and setting serious trending statements. This year, modern fixtures are hotter than ever showcasing a stylish spectrum of pendant lamps, LEDs, fiber optics, drop chandeliers, and industrial looks. The days […]

Set the Perfect BBQ Table

As we head into the latter part of August, what better way to celebrate the end of the summer solstice than with a good old fashioned BBQ, ya’ll. Well, let me tell you cool cats a little somethin’ somethin’, there is no need to deck out your diggs with some cheap-o Party City paraphernalia. Steer […]

The Ava Lounge Dream Hotel in NYC

Review of the Rooftop Ava Lounge NYC at the Dream Hotel Ava Lounge NYC at the Dream Hotel – The term ‘heavenly oasis’ is not a term that one associates with New York City amidst the hoards of foreign tourists, business suits, and delivery men toting Seamless bags full of Thai food to the average New York […]

Paula Hayes Terrarium Designer and Artist

Terrarium Designer and Artist Paula Hayes Artist and Terrarium Designer Paula Hayes – There comes a time where designers create pieces that are living works of art, literally. Paula Hayes is no stranger to the chic spotlight of sustainable design through her breathing pieces of arboretum artwork. Having showcased her living necklaces and terrariums that scream […]