Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet

Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet In All Its Glory

Nobody loves a beautiful carpet as much as we do here at the Nazmiyal Collection of antique rugs in New York City. So, what better way to share this passion for our favorite home furnishing and art form than with the Belgian beauty that is the Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet.

What is the Biennial Flower Carpet?

The Biennial Flower Carpet, also known as the Brussels Flower Carpet or Grand-Place Flower Carpet, is a spectacular event held in Brussels, Belgium. It is a large floral display created using thousands of begonias, arranged in intricate patterns on the ground of the Grand-Place, the central square of Brussels.

The Flower Carpet is typically set up every two years, hence the name “Biennial Flower Carpet.” It has become one of the most famous attractions in Brussels, drawing thousands of visitors from around the world. The tradition dates back to 1971 when the first Flower Carpet was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Belgian horticultural industry.

Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet

The Flower Carpet covers a significant portion of the Grand-Place, measuring around 75 meters in length and 24 meters in width. It is made by meticulously arranging colorful begonia flowers, which are carefully selected for their vibrant hues and durability. The begonias are packed tightly together to form intricate designs, often inspired by Belgian folklore, cultural motifs, or other artistic themes.

The process of creating the Flower Carpet is a massive undertaking that involves many skilled horticulturists, gardeners, and volunteers. It requires several months of preparation, including growing the begonias in greenhouses and planning the design. Once the begonias are ready, they are placed on the ground using a precise method to achieve the desired patterns and shapes.

The Brussels Flower Carpet is usually displayed for a few days, allowing visitors to admire its beauty and take in the vibrant colors and fragrant scents. It is often accompanied by cultural events, music performances, and festivities that enhance the overall experience. After the exhibition, the begonias are typically composted, and the square returns to its regular appearance until the next Flower Carpet is set up.

The Biennial Flower Carpet has become a symbol of Brussels and a significant tourist attraction. It showcases the city’s horticultural heritage, artistic creativity, and commitment to preserving floral traditions.

More about Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet

Every two years for the past 40 years, the city of Brussels has drawn in quite the crowd of artisans, architects, urban planners, designers, and home furnishing lovers to celebrate the unveiling of their notorious carpets hand-crafted entirely from grassy turf and multi colored flowers, begonias to be exact.

Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet - Nazmiyal

Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet

This floral tradition started in 1971 and still continues today displaying ethereally designed carpets with styles ranging from medieval to art-nouveau. This biennial event is flawlessly designed ahead of time and displayed in all its perfection in the midst of Brussels’ Grand Place.

Close Up Picture Of The Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet - Nazmiyal

Close Up Picture Of The Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet

Crafting this flower carpet is no easy task and takes nearly 120 volunteers positioning close to one million begonias within a four hour time span. Talk about having a green thumb!

People Arranging The Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet by Hand - Nazmiyal

People Arranging The Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet by Hand

Make sure to mark your calendars, fill in that iCal, set a reminder, or do whatever it is you have to do to check out Brussels’ next unveiling on August 15, 2012. We laid this monumental event on you over a year in advance to make sure you have ample time to plan that European getaway full of creamy Belgian chocolate, hand-crafted Belgian brews, and of course, begonias, begonias, and more begonias!

This Rug related blog post about the iconic Brussels Biennial Flower Carpet Was Published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs which is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

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