Velodrome London Olympic Nazmiyal

Inside the 2012 London Olympics Velodrome

A Look Into The London Olympics Velodrome With 2012 rounding the corner, there is a lot to come within such a milestone year: ranging from the Presidential race to the possible end of the world to the 2012 Olympic games. Set to take place in London, the structures and athletic arenas have been in the work […]

Modern Hanukkah Table Setting Namiyal

Hanukkah Table Setting Style and Design

Setting a beautiful table for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of light and playing off of our most recent post, we decided to turn our attention to yet another December holiday, Hanukkah. Hanukkah, with its annual changing dates, is set to fall towards the tail-end of the December month smack dab […]

Nazmiyal Antique and Vintage Rugs

Nazmiyal Featured on Blog

Dezignlicious Blog Features Rugs from The Nazmiyal Collection  There is no question that Gail Shields is great at what she does. Her projects have graced many of the top interior design publications including Architectural Digest and New York Spaces among countless others. So when she decided to write about our collection of art deco and […]

Antique Rug and Tapestry Market Holds Strength

The Antique Rug and Tapestry Markets Are Still Strong! The Antique Rug Market – While we are all worried about the stock market – prices for antique oriental rugs and antique tapestries are booming. It is no secret that the recent stock market swings have left many long time investors scratching their heads. It has reached a point that no […]

interior design trends

Interior Design Trends: Fireplaces

Interior Design Trends With Fireplaces – A New Decorating Trend Interior Designs with Fireplaces – When one thinks of winter, there is undoubtedly no question that the staple of home design is all about the fireplace. No longer is the fireplace a port of entry for a jolly old man in a red suit who […]

Fall Fashion Trends: Tribal Prints Fashion

This Fall It’s All About Tribal Prints Fashion Tribal Prints Fashion – We, New York’ers, are forever imprisoned to a sea of black attire, a world where men, women, and children swim through crowded streets of monochromatic neutral styling, and a land where time and seasonal shifts mean pops of color until we return to the […]

Men’s Fashion Tips: Winter Accessories

Men’s Fashion Tips For Winter Accessories The time has come to dust off that derby hat, fedora, or bowler as we head into the months of flaky white precipitation that shall remain nameless. Yes, gentlemen, with winter rounding the river bend, fashion is all about accessories for the cold seasons of parkas, fur-lined boots, and gloves […]

Interior Design Color Trends

Color Trends in Interior Design Interior Design Color Trends  – what better way to fully celebrate and embrace that change than shed some light on fall color trends. The days of brights and bolds are on the verge of moving into the slow-lane as autumnal and winter colors trends become more and more evident. Some of […]