Times Square Redesign Revealed

NYC’s New Times Square Redesign Revealed We, New Yorkers, spend a good part of our days walking around the city. We walk to work, home, school, the store, and sometimes, we even make the occasional trek to some of our city’s most beloved landmarks. If you’ve followed my blog posts about New York city lifestyle, […]


Delancey Underground: A Subterranean Green Space

Delancey Underground In NYC Delancey Underground – The High Line located in New York from the Meatpacking District up to Hell’s Kitchen has been one NYC’s hottest destination spots since its opening of section 1 in 2009. Originally used as an above ground railroad track to transport dangerous freight, the High Line has been transformed into […]

Designing the Perfect Gentleman’s Man Cave

Gentleman’s Lounge and Man Cave Interior Designs Man Cave – Gentlemen, boys, fellas, this post goes out to you. Many times, we, dudes, like to go to a place that is our own, a place where there are no doilies, frilly curtains, and definitely, no color palettes of pinks and blushes. What many would refer to […]

Womens Fashion Trends: Prints

Womens Fashion Trends by Nazmiyal Women’s Fashion Trends – Fall is officially here, and the time has come to bust out the àpropos attire–jackets, scarves, sweaters, and boots galore. This season’s hottest trend is bringing back the old paired with bold prints plastering across many a page 6. It’s no surprise that a deep autumnal palette […]

9/11 Memorial Revealed 10 Years Later

The 9/11 Memorial has Been Revealed The 9/11 Memorial – Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the greatest American tragedy throughout the United States of America’s history with the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and unfortunate rerouted crash of flight United 93. The tragic events of 9/11 instantaneously changed the world we lived […]


Modern Fashion Spotlight: Warby Parker Glasses

Modern Fashion: Warby Parker Glasses Warby Parker Glasses – As my recent ocular deterioration led me on the search for glasses, I asked myself what kind of specs was I truly in the market for? These days hipsters are uniting in New York City on a mission to grab every single pair of fashion glasses they […]

The Hudson Hotel Library Bar in NYC

Review of The Hudson Hotel Library Bar in NYC New York City’s Hudson Hotel Library Bar – Stylish rooftop bars are on the rise yet again, and this time, we’re focusing on the Library at the Hudson Hotel. This bar is quite the site to see and has an array of libations that will soothe your thirsty […]

Interior Design Trends: Wrought Iron Decor

For This Week’s Design Trend – Wrought Iron Decor Wrought iron decor – is easily one of my favorite elements in home decor. You may ask, “Oh, Philip, but why?” Well, if you must know, I’m secretly a vampire and love vampire-y things. No, but seriously, there is something quite old-world about wrought iron that […]

Modern Office Desk Designs

Modern Office and Desk Designs Decorating a Modern Office – How does one pick the perfect furniture for your modern office? Our workstations are where we, Americans, are spending equally as much, if not more time, than our beds. Thus, the career-driven professional must choose the correct desk, the ultimate focal point, when it comes to […]