Artistic Modern Blue Grey Transitional Rug 61050


Size: 6 ft x 9 ft (1.83 m x 2.74 m)
Origin: Nepal Rugs

Stunning Textured and Artistic Modern Transitional Rug, Country Of Origin: Nepal, Circa date: Modern – Blue and gray are the new black when it comes to interior design. Blue is the color designers choose when they want to being a calm and serene feel to the room. Grays are the perfect neutral for adding a pop of color. This modern abstract rug has a modern urban design feel that is perfect for West Coast style, or your New York City loft.

The artist creates direction and movement using line and texture. The blue lines create interest and interrupt the rhythm of the gray angles. This modern transitional area rug is a piece of modern art for your floor. It has a graphic quality and adds texture. The artist uses high and low areas of pile to add dimension to the design.

The overall effect of these techniques is ultra-modern and contemporary. This Nepalese rug is perfect for a minimalist space that features furniture with hard edges and angles. It will accentuate simple geometric shapes and would be perfectly at home in a space filled with mixed metals and glass.

This rug from Nepal has a modern feel, but it would also be a perfect foundation in a transitional room style. Transitional styles combine pieces of different styles into a cohesive and balanced design. The key to this style is finding a rug that will complement all of the various elements. This modern rug is an excellent piece if your idea of style is a collection of a few of your favorite things.

The versatility of this modern transitional area rug is its greatest feature, and it fits into any room of the home. You could use it to create an interesting foundation for a contemporary dining room or a conversation area. Open-plan architecture has been around for some time, and if you love your open space but need to define a functional area for work or productivity, this rug is an excellent choice. This is an imaginative piece that will help you create a space that shows off your modern style.

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