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Nepal is a landlocked country situated between China and India. It has a landscape that includes fertile plains and eight of the world’s tallest mountains. From this diverse land comes a history of making Nepal rugs that is closely tied to the need for protection from a harsh environment.

Art with Ancient Origins

No one is certain when rug making began in Nepal, but is it accepted that it is an age-old tradition. During the 1960’s, the European market took notice of these beautiful and durable rugs, mainly to help Tibetan refugees who settled there. Now, rug making is a major sector of the Nepalese economy that serves as employment for many.

Nepal Map Nazmiyal

Nepal on the map.

Nepal rugs have a characteristic that makes them highly desirable. They use a special knotting system that results in a high knot density. They use both a single and a double knotting system. Depending on the knotting system used, the feel and quality of the rugs can vary. This is what makes rugs from Nepal stand out and one of the factors that led to their popularity around the world.

Nepal Country Nazmiyal

The country of Nepal.

Unique Rug Characteristics

The special technique of knotting makes many Nepal rugs feel softer and more supple than Persian and Turkish rugs that you will find on the market. They are also thicker, which gives them a plush feel that is luxurious to the touch. Another feature of Nepali rugs is that the double knotting system causes the pile to have a resiliency and spring back when it is walked upon.

The deeper pile of the rug is made from local wools that are hand washed with spring water and dyed using natural plant materials. The wool is hand-spun so that it has both strength and elasticity. All of the weaving is carried out on vertical looms.

The typical rugs from Nepal are between 40 to 125 knots per square inch, but rugs of 60 to 100 knots per square inch are not uncommon. Many Nepali rugs have areas of high and low pile. This is hand-carved using hand shears. This is a highly-skilled process because one bad cut could ruin the entire rug.

The Nepalese weavers have a vast repertoire of designs due to influences from India, China, Buddhist traditions, Persian, and Turkish rugs. They often use strong colors with high contrast. Traditional designs include dragons, phoenix, snow lion, florals, tigers, and Buddhist symbols. Now, they make rugs to suit contemporary décor, only with the same attention to detail for which they are known.

Silk and Wool Nepal Rug Nazmiyal

A modern silk and wool Nepalese rug.

Today’s Nepal Rugs

The fine rug making tradition in Nepal continues today, and it still boasts a thriving industry. Nepal has access to premium wool from robust local mountain sheep. It also has world-class dyeing technology and a large workforce of talented weavers. This allows them to produce luxurious hand-knotted rugs at competitive prices. These stylish Nepal rugs carry on the great artistic legacy that has millennia of tradition behind it.

Using only the most time honored traditions of weaving handmade area rugs, the designer-quality pieces in our collection of rugs crafted in Nepal are some of the more captivating rugs you will come across. Weavers in this remote region excel at creating minimalist designs and transitional rug patterns. Many the wonderful area rugs from Nepal tend to have a more contemporary approach to the compositions. This makes them amazing options for today’s homes.

Many of the designs combine traditional elements and modern ones. For instance, the tiger is a traditional Nepalese design, but now artists give it modern graphic details and a fresh, modern design. Many of the luxurious and artistic modern Nepal made area rugs are surprisingly accessible for most. They are a beautiful addition to many design styles for the contemporary home or office. We invite you to explore this luxurious, soft pieces that represent the best of Nepalese artistry and craftsmanship.

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