Antique Art Nouveau European Rug 45624

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Created in Europe, this elegant antique rug features a splendid inset medallion with graceful curves, interwoven knot work details and decorative forget-me-nots.

Antique European Rug, Origin: Europe, Circa: Turn of the 20th Century, 1900 – Rendered in a sophisticated continental style, this antique Art Nouveau European rug features a graceful inset medallion decorated with meandering floral sprays and elliptical knot work braids featuring contrasting outlines. Ornate grape leaves rendered in buttery yellow, ivory and warm chestnut brown create a gentle border for the formal medallions, which feature architecturally-influenced curves that have a graceful yet formal presence. Charcoal black outlines and poly-chromatic details accentuate the strong curves, which break the design into separate parts. Delicate forget-me-not flowers with intertwined stems add levity to the saturated fandango purple background, which demands attention. This antique Art Nouveau European rug features soft glaucous blue and warm golden-yellow details offset the high-contrast colors that appear throughout the elliptical knot work and graceful central medallions.

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