Antique Silk Uzbek Suzani Embroidery Textile 70344

Size: 4 ft 10 in x 5 ft 9 in (1.47 m x 1.75 m)

Stunning Antique Silk Uzbek Suzani Embroidery Textile, Origin: Uzbekistan, Circa: 1870Antique Uzbek Suzani textile is one of the most beautiful folk art traditions in the world, but these pieces are more than just arts and crafts. They hold a special meaning that is tied to a people and their traditions. This vibrant handmade piece is made from silk and was created around 1870. It would make a perfect tapestry for the walls, table cover, or bedspread. The splendid colors and nature-inspired designs are perfect for traditional or modern style trends.

One of the characteristics that draws us to Suzani embroidery is the spectacular range of color. Silk has a sheen that catches and light and makes the room look light and airy. The motifs used in this piece include an incredible range of florals and leaves, all presented in bright and spirited colors to create a refreshing and joyful feel.

Brides traditionally made Suzani embroideries as part of their dowry. They were presented to the groom to show the bride’s devotion. They were used every day but could also be sold in lean times. The stories of each work are infused with the stories and character of the artist who created it. It also has many tales to tell of the places that it has been in its travels.

Suzanis are more than a piece of decorative art; they are a piece of history infused with the traditions and stories of a people. Every patch and piece of fabric is a part of the story. This one has a border on the back that is a piece of traditional resist-dyed batik, which also represents a piece of tribal history, adding one more fascinating element to this piece.

This beautiful embroidery would make a wonderful addition to a traditional décor theme, but it would also fit perfectly into several contemporary styles. Its tribal feel and playful colors make it the perfect addition to a Boho chic design. This year’s style trends feature colorful, nature-inspired designs, and this piece would add just a touch of nature to a contemporary room. It sparks the imagination in many ways.

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