Room Size Antique French Art Deco Rug 70146

Size: 9 ft 10 in x 11 ft 7 in (3 m x 3.53 m)
Origin: French Rugs

A Beautiful and Soft Antique French Room Size Art Deco Rug, Country of Origin: France, Circa Date: 1920 – This dreamy antique French Art deco rug of the 1920’s demonstrates many elements that define the Art Deco movement and style. It is executed with precision around a central medallion theme that is in a rectangular, rather than rounded manner. This gives this magnificent antique French rug a formal feeling that carries throughout every element up the design.

Reminiscent of iconic antique French Leleu rugs, the colors are hark back to those of the natural world and invoke a sense of peace and beauty. The earthy browns are highlighted by turquoise blues and burgundies that create movement throughout the piece. The borders of the design are relatively plain compared to the central area of the antique rug. This highlights the central design of this magnificent antique Art Deco carpet and bring attention to the swirling flourishes that dance world throughout the design.

It is easy to imagine a formal fountain in the center of a French garden with a walkway surrounding it. This antique room size rug creates a place for reflection and repose by effectively using the space to create visual contrast between white space and design elements. The perfectly selected soft rug colors and design that were used, create an uplifting feeling and harmony that will carry throughout any room in which it is placed.

The great antique Art Deco pieces are versatile because they bridge two worlds. They bridge the artistic notions that were present in the early 1900’s and represent a transitional period into contemporary and modern art. This captivating room size antique French Art Deco rug is an excellent example up artwork from this transitional period and would make a wonderful addition to both contemporary and traditional interior design styles.

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