Antique Decorative Oversized Persian Kerman Rug 49330

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Size: 17 ft 2 in x 26 ft 9 in (5.23 m x 8.15 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Breathtakingly Decorative Oversized Antique Kerman Persian Rug 49330, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Antique Rug, Circa Date: Turn of the 20th Century – Using soft soothing coloration, the highly skilled Persian rug weaver of this breathtaking antique oversized rug immediately grounds the subject matter and provides viewers with a soothing vista to explore. The strong use of large scale shape and motion allows the earthy elements to appear even more inviting as well. Throughout the beautiful antique Persian Kerman rug, there are numerous animal and plant motifs, resulting in a natural arrangement that almost seems to be taken from the wilderness itself. Beautiful birds sit among arrangements of flowers and vines, almost disappearing into the backdrop through the weaver’s subtle use of motion and contrast. The elegant outlining of the antique Persian rug allows the motifs to stand out while gracefully blending into the rest of the environment in a unified way.

The true beauty of this palatial antique Persian Kerman rug goes beyond the visual unity of its colors and design. The neutral rusts, browns, and blues of the antique Kerman Persian rug on an ivory background provide a harmonious feel that makes it versatile enough for any large space. The true importance of this Persian Kerman rug can only be appreciated when you begin to examine individual motifs that were used by the weaver.

There is no doubt that antique Persian rugs have a special character and beauty that is unlike any other in the world. This breathtaking antique oversized rug was produced at the turn of the 20th century and embodies the aesthetic tastes of the time. However, this rug also has a sublime quality that comes from the meanings behind the various symbols that are used throughout its design. Antique rugs are an art form that go beyond the basic concepts of color and form. Each Persian carpet one carries meanings that can be interpreted by those who know how to read them.

As one begins to stroll through this beautiful garden design, one will find symbols such as the cloud, which refers to the heavenly realms. One will also encounter several different types of birds along the path, each one with a special meaning. The various floral elements also have a significance and unique interpretation as well. Regionally, the style of these motifs varies, as does the meaning. They often stand for concepts such as protection, fertility, wealth, abundance and other qualities.

This captivating Persian Kerman rug combines earthy tones and motifs that reflect the natural world. The size of the rug, combined with the level of detail in the work, inspires a sense of awe. This breathtaking antique decorative rug not only brings beauty to the space, but it also provides endless fascination as one strolls among various animals and plants, contemplating their hidden meanings. It is a remarkable Persian carpet and worthy of an honored place in any collection.

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