Antique D’Art De Rambouillet Edition French Tapestry 49901

Size: 9 ft 9 in x 13 ft 10 in (2.97 m x 4.22 m)
Origin: French Rugs
Style: Tapestry

Magnificent Antique D’Art De Rambouillet Edition French Tapestry, Country of Origin / Rug Type: French Rug, Circa Date: 20th Century – This exquisite antique collectible D’Art De Rambouillet Edition French Tapestry was made in the early 20th century using the same care and attention to detail as the original Gobelin tapestry that inspired it. Gobelin tapestries were among some of the finest pieces of 17th century art, with nearly 2,155 of them found in the inventory of Louis XIV.

Gobelin tapestries were made with a technique that allowed the canvas to be painted by hand or via a silk screen print technique. D’Ate De Rambouillet produces the tapestries using a similar technique as the originals, only they use improved modern techniques that make them more durable and light fast. Although they are inspired by 17th century originals, they are a unique art piece on their own. Each one is slightly different from the original, rather than being a mass-produced. Each one takes from 6 to 9 months to produce, even using modern techniques.

This beautiful piece shows French men and women in various activities. It is filled with traditional iconography of the 17th century and each element in the design has a special meaning. The black background gives it a formal feel that would go well with any traditional home decor. The design is executed using fine detail that can only be truly appreciated when the piece is viewed up close.

The colors consist of a simple palette of reds, tans, ivory, and darker tones. However, many different hues of these colors are used to create shadow and detail that are reminiscent of works in the Greek revival or Art Nouveau tradition. The piece uses formal symmetry that is found throughout Louis XIV art. It is an excellent piece for those collectors who want to add a piece of historical value to their decor.

As a side note, there is a tag on the back of this remarkable Tapestry rug that when translated from French to English reads as follows:

Beginning with the original historic tapestry, our artists trace point by point, over long months, future / intended engravings with tight silk on screens. Pulled by hand around these stencil-screens, the scraper [removes or leaves behind] the [tint / hue / color] on a weave (or texture / surface) of wool, linen and slubbed cotton, recreating the grain of the old tapestry and little by little gave rise to the reproduction in a new dimension. Each of these hues are previously compared “roughly” by successive approaches, to the range of wool used for the restoration of tapestries, treasure of our museums. Some modifications by hand for the most subtle parts, a patina that [colors / renders it blond / light brown] the whole thing and the reproduction of the old tapestry are reborn for your pleasure (/ enjoyment).

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