Antique 18th Century Dalmatic European Textile 40450

Size: 4 ft x 7 ft (1.22 m x 2.13 m)

This incomparably lovely antique Dalmatic or liturgical vestment from the Hapsburg period in Austria has a graceful design of naturalistic foliage sprawling gently across an ivory ground.

A Magnificent Rare And Collectible Antique 18th century European Dalmatic Textile, Country of Origin: Europe, Circa Date: 18th Century – This rare and collectible antique textile boasts a graceful design of naturalistic foliage sprawls gently across the ivory ground of this incomparably lovely antique Dalmatic or liturgical vestment from the Hapsburg Austrian Empire datable to the era of Maria Theresa or her daughter Marie Antoinette. The patterns of vines, leaves, and flowers are made up of embroidered silk appliques sewn onto a silk ground, amidst broad borders of gold metallic thread. Its design connotes the sacredness of the natural world.

A dalmatic textile is basically a longer and wider sleeved type of a tunic. The dalmatic garment is a Christian religious garment that one can see worn by Christian clergy of many different Christian streams such as the United Methodists, Catholics, Lutherans and others. When in use, the dalmatic is considered to be right garment for a deacon at many different religious ceremonies such as Holy Communion, baptisms, marriage ceremonies, Mass and or other services.

Sometimes, though not as often, one can see the dalmatic warn by bishops   it may also be worn by bishops under the chasuble and over the white color vestment. When used in such a manner the dalmatic is referred to as “pontifical”.

Like the outer sleeveless chasuble outerwear adorned by High Anglican and / or Catholic priests and bishops during mass it is supposed to support and reflect, especially in color, the religious daily service. These religious textiles are often made of the same material and decoration as the outer most religious vestment which makes the two look like an actual pair that matches. The more traditional Solemn Mass garment sets will include a matching dalmatic, chasuble and shorter length tunicle.

One can also expect to see the British monarch wearing the dalmatic while taking part in the Coronation service.

For those who collect antique textiles, especially those created for use as religious ceremonial garments, finding such a rare, collectible, fine and beautiful example is extremely exciting.

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