Vintage Foliage Scandinavian Rya Rug 48425


Size: 3 ft x 4 ft 7 in (0.91 m x 1.4 m)
Style: Rya Rugs

Artistically Captivating and Such A Beautiful Fall Foliage Themed Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Shag Pile Rya Rug, Rug Weaving Country: Sweden, Circa Rug Woven Date: Around The Mid 20th Century — If one were to attempt to title this particular piece, one might want to consider something like “Autumn Leaves,” given the lovely depiction of fall foliage that it discloses in shades of red, brown, gold and other warm and cozy type fall colors. But the leaves all sway and blow in undulating rhythms affirming the strong decorative power of the design, an aspect underscored by the remarkable border of leaves and interlocking horseshoes.

This is a very attractive and extremely artistic vintage Swedish Rya rug that is a great example of its type. It has so much energy packed into its small size that it feels like it is begging to be taken home and displayed.

Produced in a bright, attention-grabbing shag texture, this vintage Swedish Rya rug is a sure bet for a brilliantly artistic addition to your home. The beautifully grounding background is featured in storm-grey, kelly-green and pastel-cocoa, accented by a rich, crisp white to tie together the vivid leaves that are emblazoned as the focal point of this piece. Oak leaves, which are reproduced in rich colors that bring the image of a pure and beautiful autumn to mind, stand in stark contrast to the rest of the earthy canvas. Most notable is the largest leaf, hued a delicious ruby with a strike of scarlet running along the midrib.

A deep, cool-toned chocolate gives these gorgeous renditions further aesthetic stability, holding them tightly to the background while allowing ample room for the leaves to bloom and hold their own as design elements. With all of the features set in perfect harmony, this vintage rug could be at home in almost any environment, as it is delightfully sophisticated while maintaining an air of whimsical natural charm.

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