Scandinavian Ege Vintage Andy Warhol Dollar Sign Art Runner Rug 49792

Size: 2 ft 8 in x 8 ft 6 in (0.81 m x 2.59 m)

Beautiful and Extremely Artistic Scandinavian Ege Vintage Andy Warhol Dollar Sign Art Runner Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Denmark, Circa Date: 1997 – This Andy Warhol Dollar Sign art rug boasts beautifully vibrant and boldly contrasting use of colors, as well the iconic Warhol dollar signs. These dollar signs are depicted in the two repeating column prints of squares in this exciting artist rug. This highly artistic vintage rug reflects the signature, Pop Art style that made Andy Warhol one of the most easily identifiable popular artists of the middle to late 20th century.`

While the dollar sign might not be as famously known as his iconic paintings of Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell’s Soup Cans, capitalism and consumerism was a main driving force behind the icon artistic creations of Andy Warhol. His production of an entire series of works that focused on his fixation with the dollar sign “$” is inductive of his fascination with value and commerce.

The first of his Andy Warhol dollar sign paintings were created in 1961. Twenty years later, in 1981, Warhol chose to work with the same subject theme again. Warhol’s interest in choosing to work with the dollar sign was in part due to, being born into a family of Eastern European immigrants on August 6th, 1928. The love or want of money, developed deep withing Warhol as a result of his growing up in poverty during The Great Depression in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This vintage runner rug is sure add a splash of artistic sophistication in any interior decor. It is the kind of Scandinavian rug that will lend beautiful color and provoke great conversations among guests. That said, this vintage Ege art line rug  also serve as a representation of a piece that allows the admirer a look into Warhol’s very interesting life and thought processes. Without a doubt, this vintage Andy Warhol dollar sign art runner rug

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