Vintage Norwegian Tapestry Rug by Eevahenna Aalto 47673

Price: $8,000.00

| Size: 3 ft 5 in x 4 ft 6 in (1.04 m x 1.37 m)Print

A quintessentially modern carpet, this vintage French rug boasts a soothing pallet of blues and violets.

Vintage Norwegian Tapestry Rug by Eevahenna Aalto, Origin: Norway, Circa Mid 20th Century – Here is a dynamic and exciting Norwegian tapestry by Finnish artist Eevahenna Aalto. This beautiful piece is characterized primarily by its color pallet of blues and violets, with occasional appearances of bright, bold oranges and greens. Quintessentially modern, this exciting vintage carpet has a great deal in common with the most popular Swedish rugs, boasting a composition without a single concrete element – rather, it consists of the artist’s vision of abstract elements playing together, the effect of which is something that is open to individual interpretation and perception. Both horizontal and vertical line elements appear throughout the composition, directing the eyes up and down, left and right. As a result, there are wide patches of this carpet that appear to be oriented on a horizontal axis – a city-scape is vague suggested, as is an ocean scene, as is a vast sky. This innate misdirection, inherent to abstract designs, compels the observer to interact with the composition as he or she sees first one thing, and then another. A quintessentially modern carpet, this piece surprises and delights at very turn.

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