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Vintage Moroccan Rug 45618 Detail/Large View
vintage moroccan rug 45618 corner Nazmiyal
vintage moroccan rug 45618 pile Nazmiyal
vintage moroccan rug 45618 trio Nazmiyal
vintage moroccan rug 45618 weave Nazmiyal
vintage moroccan rug 45618 whole Nazmiyal
vintage moroccan rug 45618 x Nazmiyal

Vintage Moroccan Rug 45618

Size: 5 ft 2 in x 9 ft 1 in (1.57 m x 2.77 m)
Origin: Morocco

This handsome Moroccan rug features a variety of ornamental inset lozenges and small-scale diamonds paired with a selection of symbolic geometric glyphs.

Vintage Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Circa: Mid 20th Century – Rendered in a chic combination of woolen brown and ivory paired with crimson accents, this archetypal vintage Moroccan rug features a formal composition with a central column of large-scale lozenges flanked by a supportive promenade of secondary motifs and a series of abstract linear glyphs. Scalloped lady finger details line the edges of the sparsely decorated field highlighting the complementary hues of woolen brown featured within the inset lozenges and along the edges of the field. This charming mid-century modern, vintage Moroccan rug, showcases a variety of traditional lozenges used for protection against the evil eye, which are paired with symbolic figures and angular glyphs. Sparsely decorated, this inherently modern Moroccan rug features a minimalist composition and reserved color palette that highlights the monochromatic background and sumptuously textural ivory field.

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