Geometric Folk Art Vintage Moroccan Rug 70562


Size: 5 ft 7 in x 8 ft 8 in (1.7 m x 2.64 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Beautiful Geometric Folk Art Vintage Moroccan Rug, Country Of Origin: Morocco, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – This magnificent, vibrant, Moroccan rug from the mid-20th century has a folk-art feel that will make the perfect foundation for a Boho chic or eclectic design. The gorgeous magenta of this rug is unusual, and one that you do not typically find on the market today.

The Beni Ourain is a confederation of 17 tribes that inhabit the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The ancient symbols and design of the rug are the result of centuries of tradition. The women of the tribe weave the rugs as a way of storytelling and keeping the traditions of the people. They pass these traditions on to their children as a way of preserving tribal culture.

On this rug, you can find the star symbol, which stands for happiness and other tribal symbols that might stand for protection or wishes for prosperity. The Berber tribes are known for their top-quality wool that is strong and soft. The colors are achieved with natural dyes and hold up exceptionally well with age, as you can see.

Each Moroccan rug is a unique piece of artistry and self-expression for the women who create them. Midcentury designers used them to soften the lines of streamlined, geometric interior design styles. Their long pile and soft texture allow them to create a cozy feeling in either a retro or modern space.

One of the features that draw people to these rugs is their playful designs and primitive character. Another reason is their long, soft pile that is both beautiful and comfortable. The vibrant feel and brilliant color of this rug are the perfect foundation for a colorful Boho chic design. This rug could also soften the feel of an ultramodern space, too. Regardless of your personal style, this rug will add brilliant color and a soft texture to the space.

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