Ivory and Red Vintage Mid Century Moroccan Rug 47939


Size: 4 ft 7 in x 9 ft (1.4 m x 2.74 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Contrasting tones arranged in an idiosyncratic manner across an exceptional ivory field make this Moroccan rug an especially intriguing composition.

Breathtaking and Whimsical Ivory and Red Vintage Mid Century Moroccan Rug, Origin: Morocco, Circa Date: Mid-Twentieth Century – Our whimsical vintage rug, a product of mid-20th century Morocco, represents a fascinating chapter in Moroccan rug making, where tradition met innovation, and a touch of whimsy found its way onto the loom. Examining the specific color choices of ivory and red in this rug unveils a deeper story about cultural influences and artistic expression.

Traditionally, Moroccan rugs, particularly those woven by Berber tribes, were renowned for their bold geometric patterns and rich color palettes. Natural dyes derived from plants and minerals created a spectrum of earthy tones – reds, oranges, blues, and greens – that reflected the colors of the Moroccan landscape. These rugs served not only as utilitarian objects but also as social markers, signifying the weaver’s skill and tribal affiliation.

The mid-20th century, however, witnessed a shift in Moroccan rug making. The introduction of commercially produced synthetic fibers alongside a growing tourist market led to a more playful and diverse range of designs. This period saw the rise of Boucherouite (pronounced boo-sher-weeT) rugs, known for their use of recycled materials and a departure from the traditional focus on geometric patterns.

The whimsical combination of ivory and red in this particular rug represents a fascinating intersection of tradition and innovation. Ivory, a lighter shade, likely incorporates some of the creamier tones traditionally used in Moroccan rugs. This color often symbolizes purity, peace, and blessings. Red, a bold and vibrant hue, has a rich history in Moroccan culture, often associated with strength, protection, and good luck. Its presence in the rug hints at a connection to traditional symbolism, while the whimsical pairing with ivory suggests a playful departure from the norm.

The specific use of ivory and red can also be interpreted within the context of mid-century design trends. The 1950s and 1960s saw a surge in popularity for bold color combinations and minimalist patterns. The use of just two contrasting colors – ivory and red – reflects this modernist influence, while the whimsical way they are woven together speaks to the creativity and artistic freedom embraced by Moroccan rug makers during this period.

In conclusion our breathtaking vintage rug represents a confluence of tradition and innovation, a touch of whimsy woven into the rich tapestry of Moroccan rug making. The color choices – a nod to both the past and the emerging trends of the time – tell a story of cultural adaptation and artistic expression. Owning such a rug is not just an aesthetic choice; it’s a way to connect with a vibrant artistic movement and a testament to the enduring human desire for beauty and playfulness.


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