Vintage Moroccan Berber Runner 47777


Origin: Morocco

This highly abstract and asymmetrical Moroccan rug is a delightful foray into the power of traditional tribal design.


2 ft 4 in (0.71 m)


9 ft (2.74 m)

Vintage Moroccan Berber Runner, Origin: Morocco, Circa: Mid-20th Century – Here is a fascinating and beautifully composed vintage rug – a Moroccan carpet from the mid-twentieth century, woven by the highly esteemed tribal weavers of the Beni Ourain, who have made the Atlas Mountains in Morocco their home for centuries. Carpets and rugs that are produced by this fascinating group of tribes people almost always feature a distinct aesthetic presentation, which emphasizes abstraction, minimalism, and an understatedness, which is generally on display in a color pallet that consists simply of two contesting tones of soft brown.  These aesthetic values fit in beautifully with more modern notions of style, especially mid-century modern notions, which emphasize simplicity and quality design. This overlap – between the tastes of the Beni Ourain tribespeople of Morocco and the tastes of some of the leading figures in mid-twentieth century design, has led to a fortuitous marriage of two seemingly disparate developments in the world of art. Traditionally composed Beni Ourain carpets, such as this exemplarily composition, grace the floors of countless modern interiors throughout the world, adding to and elevating a style that has surged in popularity over the past few years. The design of this rug is characterized by dramatic abstraction and asymmetry, which gives an initial impression of chaos. Gradually, this initial impression fades, and instead one is left with a sense of tribal authenticity, and a lingering impression of whimsy. A beautiful composition, this Beni Ourain carpet would be at home in almost any interior space.

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