Vintage Voice of a Dead Sea Scroll Tapestry by Barbara Rae Schaefer 48573

Size: 4 ft 9 in x 5 ft (1.45 m x 1.52 m)

Designed by the artist, Barbara Rae Schaefer, this piece, titled “Voice of a Dead Sea Scroll”, features simple black and white brush like strokes. The play on negative and positive space allows the deeper meaning of the tapestry to shine through. Viewers are taken on an exciting and eclectic journey as their eyes move from one collection of lines to the other, finding order in the chaos presented within. Where the white lines collect together, the black space behind them seems to act as the foreground, and the viewer has the chance to draw their own conclusions as they observe the movements in the piece.

Vintage “Voice of a Dead Sea Scroll” Tapestry by Barbara Rae Schaefer, Country of Origin: United States of America, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – This dramatic work is entitled “Vintage Voice of a Dead Sea Scroll Tapestry” by Barbara Rae Schaefer. Schaefer’s tapestry is fascinating for its combination of texture, form and ability to transfer for these qualities from canvas to tapestry textile art pieces.

Shaefer’s subject matters are always thought provoking, as in this beautiful and powerful work of art. The title of this piece, “Voice of a Dead Sea Scroll” evokes a feeling of antiquity and mysteries that have been lost to time. The piece is reminiscent of some lost, aged language scrolled on a piece of parchment. It almost evokes a feeling of thousands of ancient voices rising up together and wanting to be heard.

The use of white on black canvas creates a sense of drama, as does the use of heavy and light strokes. After one views the tapestry for some time, shapes within shapes begin to emerge creating a piece that visually shifts over time. It is not the painting that shifts, rather the viewer’s perspective. The longer one looks at this fascinating vintage wall hanging tapestry, the more details begin to emerge too. The artist filled every inch of the background with shape and form. One can no longer distinguish where she began or where the line ends. This has a universal message and quality that speaks to people of all places and cultures.

This is a striking piece by an important artist whose work has a sublime quality that evokes an emotional connection to the subject matter and times past. It is an exquisite vintage tapestry that speaks to the heart of the viewer and is an important piece for any art collection.

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