Beautiful Soft Neutral Grey Color Vintage Cozy Geometric Swedish Rya Snowflake Rug 48506

Size: 4 ft 2 in x 7 ft (1.27 m x 2.13 m)
Style: Rya Rugs

A Soft Neutral Grey Background Color Vintage Geometric Swedish Rya Snowflake design Rug, Country Of Origin: Sweden, Weave Date: Mid 20th Century — Scandinavia is a part of the world that’s known for interior design that’s simplistic yet undeniably chic and contemporary modern. It’s had this strong reputation in home design for many decades now. People who admire home design that’s innovative, fresh and basic often get inspiration from looking at residences in Nordic nations such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Vintage Swedish Rya rugs are classic vintage mid-century modern rugs and most tend to feature lengthy shag textured pile that range from one to three inches or so.

This gorgeous soft grey color rug creates a snowy scene in its elegantly understated design. Following a traditional patterns of Swedish rugs, this piece features simple colors and basic repeating shapes. This vintage rug is defined by its foggy gray neutral rug color background, which is framed by a floating white border that contains a wavy line snaking through the center. Within the border, at the carpet’s center, is a series of bright gold / green snowflakes and simple white circles, arranged in alternating patterns that imply snowfall. A delightful winter theme is present throughout the snowflake design rug, and the visible stitching adds further character and a warm cozy feel to the rug. In addition, the soft wool pile is very pleasant and these types of area rugs are known for being created using the best area rug weaving materials.

For people who love Scandinavian rugs and decor, then buying area rugs like this soft Swedish Rya would be a no brainer. Area rugs that boast softer colors and more geometric rug design in an all over format make decorating so much easier. That is because these rugs are relatively easy to place in rooms and withing existing furniture layouts. This is one of the more beautiful rugs for those who appreciate the mid century modern as well as the Bauhaus and Scandinavian design esthetic.

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