Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Kilim Rug by Agda Osterberg 49123

Size: 7 ft 9 in x 10 ft 2 in (2.36 m x 3.1 m)

This Swedish vintage rug from the 1950’s signed by Agda Osterberg plays with the effects of light and dark defined by lines and rectilinear shapes. The flat weave contributes to the effect of exacting precision in form. Muted shades of grey’s, reds and yellows merge into the tan background. The repeating motif is a stylized version of the ancient swastika symbol often depicted on oriental carpets. The artist, Agda Osterberg, accentuates the interplay of light and dark by inserting a rectangle of contrasting color into the center of each symbol. Both horizontal and vertical fields are symmetrical using motif, line and color.

A Magnificent And Happy Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Kilim Rug by Agda Osterberg 49123, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Scandinavian Rugs, Circa Date: 1950’s – The popular Swedish textile designer, Agda Osterberg, born in 1891, saw the development of the modern art movement from its early break from the realist movement through the streamlined designs of the mid 20th century. This Agda Osterberg rug was produced in the 1950’s and one can easily see the influences of several important historical art movements.

The design is based on abstract squares that use color to make it disappear as if they have been stamped onto the background, or perhaps a mesh was laid over and abstract watercolor design. This technique gives the vintage mid century modern rug dimension and texture. The artist uses a broad range of colors including warm colors, cool colors, neutral tones, and pastels blended in a way that continually gives the eye something new to look at.

This vintage Scandinavian rug uses a regular grid pattern to provide a sense of order, but this order is broken up by the randomness of the individual designs within the squares and color pattern. This extremely artistic and beautiful kilim rug would blend well with a design scheme that features colors used within the Swedish rug throughout the design. It would also be an excellent piece to break up the harsh visual lines of a minimalist or streamlined contemporary design.

These highly sought after flat woven rugs were often used on floors or mounted and hung on the wall as a piece of art, even though they are larger in size. When hung on the wall as a piece of art, this vintage Scandinavian Swedish kilim rug by Agda Osterberg would add softness and texture to the room, as well as to give it a sense of scale.

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