Vintage Scandinavian Mondrian Design Rug 72315


Size: 4 ft 11 in x 6 ft 7 in (1.5 m x 2.01 m)

A Fascinating Vintage Scandinavian Mondrian Design Rug, Country Of Origin: Scandinavia , Circa Date: Vintage – Piet Mondrian is one of the most influential artists of the mid-20th century. His pieces influenced many of the artists of the Dutch abstract movement, and today, his pieces are finding new life in contemporary decor. This rug was created from one of his pieces and is excellent for the lover of Mid-Century Modern art or for an ultra-modern space that is an eclectic collection of pieces.

The characteristic that stands out the most about Mondrian’s work is the use of color and simple form, but when you explore the works of this artist more closely, you will discover a hidden world. Even though Mondrian’s works are abstract and feature simple forms, the artist was trying to express much deeper concepts. The artist found inspiration in the world of nature and the world of dance. He explored the concept of space and man’s relationship to it. Mondrian’s work is as much about the inner world as the outer one.

Scandinavian rugs are essential for retro and Mid-Century Modern room design. These rugs were created to complement furniture with minimalist legs and plenty of space underneath. With more floor space available, designers took advantage of it by featuring rugs that were simple and expressive. Mondrian’s work fits into the world of Scandinavian interior design because it explores man’s connection to the natural world.

This piece is perfect for a room with its emphasis on neutral grays and black. The focus is on primary colors, which adds a feeling of dynamic movement to the piece. Mondrian’s use of line and space in this piece creates interest and serves as a canvas for ultra-modern and retro furniture pieces and accessories throughout the space. This rug is the perfect size for placing it in front of a sofa or for an area that needs a focal point.

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