Soft Neutral and Light Green Color Vintage Mid Century Modern Double Sided Swedish Rug 49018


Size: 4 ft 6 in x 7 ft 3 in (1.37 m x 2.21 m)

A Truly Beautiful Soft Pastel Color Vintage Double-Sided Swedish Rug 49018, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Scandinavia Rugs, Circa Date: Mid-20th CenturySwedish rugs are defined by their thinner construction, which features no pile and instead allows the colors to appear more functionally versatile by providing the vintage rug with double-sided usability. This Scandinavian rug, in particular, features a noticeable degree of practical appeal by showcasing the same pattern on both sides of the soft pastel rugs, which allows decorators to switch according to cleaning needs. The colors are arboreal in their presentation, featuring strong green and forest tones that stand out elegantly against the bordering clay browns. The colors are arranged in a series of horizontal bars that can provide any room with mellow symmetry.

Vintage rugs like this, from the middle 20th century, will bring calming crème, soft greens and tasteful coffee tones together in an aesthetically pleasing horizontal stripe that is both contemporary and timelessly classic. Without a frame of either the deep cocoa, light green or the lush, milky beige that adds creamy contrast, there is nothing to hinder the encompassing pattern that reigns throughout. Thin, horizontal stripes cover the body of this piece of art from head to foot, drawing the eye seamlessly along the entire figure with no stark interruptions to distract from the elegant design. Earthy colors ground the designs, as texture abounds in this rug. Symmetrical blocks stack in an alternating color pattern in this café au lait and green color scheme, adding both interest and originality. The vintage yet modern design guarantees that this Swedish area rug is more than worthy of a place of honor in the perfect home.

This is a wonderful vintage Swedish area rug, composed in warm neutral pastel color tones with a rhythmic striped pattern. Although this lovely rug has a simple pattern, the color striations keep area rugs like this interesting and lively.

Rug weaving has been a traditional craft in Sweden for many generations. Weaving rugs / rollakans has long been a folk pastime in Sweden, and rug weaving is considered a national craft. Although Swedes have been weaving beautiful area rugs for hundreds of years now, the first Swedish weavers learned their craft by following the ancient weaving traditions transported from countries in the Asian Steppe on epic journeys through harsh Arctic conditions.

If you are currently shopping for rugs and want to buy carpets that are soft and calming, this vintage double sided Swedish rug would be a captivating option.

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