Vintage Orange And Black Moroccan Boucherouite Rug 45823

Size: 3 ft 1 in x 6 ft 10 in (0.94 m x 2.08 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Create an artful foundation for modern furnishings with this charming vintage mid-century Moroccan rug featuring rich Boucherouite textures and saturated colors.

An Impressive Vintage Orange And Black Moroccan Boucherouite Rug, Country of Origin: Morocco, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – Moroccan rugs are delightfully modern works of textile art. This magnificent vintage mid-century modern rug is an explosion of color and texture. Bold tiger stripes, with flat-weave accents and vibrant poly chrome checkers create a stunning abstract composition. High-impact designs rendered in brilliant opposing colors give this stylish rug from Morocco a daring, vivacious appearance. Each bold checker and slanting stripe contains innumerable details, including chunky fabric tufts, vivid color variations and downy strands of wool. This charming vintage Moroccan Boucherouite rug has a wildly graphic appearance, strong colors, dynamic decorations and incomparable textures that provide an endless source of interest. These rich details make Moroccan rag rugs an unstoppable design force perfect for eclectic spaces.

The rugs woven by the Moroccan Berbers are known for their abstract rugs with wildly artistic designs and captivating use of color. Without a doubt, this vintage Moroccan Boucherouite rug is a magnificent and decorative work of art!

For people who are looking to buy rugs that are unique and different, it would be hard to find something more exciting that this piece. In addition, the Moroccan rugs are still pretty inexpensive and affordable so that makes them very much attainable for people from all walks of life.

This small size rug would make a real stamen as a foyer or entryway area rug. It is very forgiving as far as dirt goes. It is also a durable rug and in good overall condition so it should be able to withstand regular home use and foot traffic. Needless to say, this vintage abstract and tribal orange and black Moroccan Boucherouite rug is a show stopper and the type of area rug that will garner much attention from people who come across it.

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