Vintage Solid Abstract Double Sided Moroccan Reversible Rug 45685


Size: 6 ft x 7 ft 6 in (1.83 m x 2.29 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Cleverly constructed with a double-sided field, this inventive vintage Moroccan rug features a bright saffron yellow face with nuanced scarlet hues on the reverse.

A Magnificent Abstract and Solid Field Vintage Double Sided Moroccan Reversible Rug, Country of Origin: Morocco, Circa date: Mid 20th Century – Morocco is a land of brilliant color and this mid century modern area rug will take you away with visions of romantic and colorful Moroccan desert sunsets or sun rises every time you look at it. That is because this solid abstract rug is reversable with one side depicting a solid red an the other a solid happy yellow color. The unifying factor is the thin blue color border that surrounds the field.  Area rugs like this remarkable vintage mid century Moroccan rug add a sense of elegance and luxury to any room with its fiery red or yellow colored grounds.

Vintage mid century Moroccan rugs use color to convey special meaning, along with the design symbols. In this fascinating example, the warm red and vibrant yellow take center stage. The background rug colors themselves probably symbolizes fertility and happiness. Red is also the main color of the Moroccan flag where it symbolizes bravery, valor, strength and hardiness. The meaning of yellow color differs from region to region significantly but the red is a favorite color that is featured prominently throughout Morocco.

This beautiful Moroccan shag rug is versatile and will complement any decor that needs a splash of red or a splash of yellow. Its simple design is elegant and refined. Even though it is a solid color, it still makes a bold statement on its own. The direction of the soft shag pile adds interest to the rug by changing the way light reflects off of it. This is an excellent vintage Moroccan Berber rug that is sure to serve as a fascinating accent piece or as the spring board for other exquisite pieces of furniture. It would go well under a small dining room table, coffee table, or in any office or home interior decor that needs a touch of simple elegance.

For those who are buying rugs and want a conversation piece then this reversable rug should be given much consideration. After all, it is like buying 2 vintage rugs in one as you could always just flip it over to give the room a fresh new look and feel.

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