Vibrant Blue Green Background Color Round Shape Mid Century Mmodern Vintage Swedish Shag Rug 46607

Size: 6 ft 4 in x 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m x 1.93 m)

This round mid-century shag rug displays an exquisite stylized sunburst medallion filled with fluid artistic designs that have a whimsical hand-drawn appearance.

Vintage Swedish Deco Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid 20th CenturyThis magnificent and artistic vintage area carpet – a large round Swedish shaggy wool oile rya rug from Scandinavia – features a stunning mid-century sunburst design rendered in a gorgeous opposing combination of zesty orange hues set against a background of nuanced aquatic colors. The radiant zigzag-edged sun is surrounded by rows of concentric roundels that are richly colored and feature subtly shaded outlines that have a smudged pastel effect. With the brilliant fiery sun set against a lurid blue-green background, this large round Swedish rug has a spectacular effect and dramatic presence. Modern yet wonderfully playful, this stunning vintage mid-century Swedish deco rug has a whimsical, stylized appearance that is spirited, vivacious and captures the energy of an original artistic work.

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