Very Long And Narrow Decorative Modern Turkish Oushak Hall Runner Rug 418916304

Size: 4 ft x 23 ft 7 in (1.22 m x 7.19 m)

Modern Oushak / Country of Origin: Turkey / Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous long runner rug is perfect for a room where you want to create a room that mixes ancient traditions with modern design style. The weavers of Turkish Oushak rugs have been known for creating some of the most beautiful and masterful designs in the world for over 400 years. Their designs combine centuries of tradition, but they also adapt to changing tastes and trends. This modern Oushak rug is a testimony to their ability to create designs that are timeless classics, but still fresh and contemporary.

This piece was created to have a modern feel with colors and bold, geometric designs that give it an aged appearance. The colors are vibrant and lively, yet they are mellowed to give the rug a more natural appearance. Colors that are inspired by the natural world are an important trend in this year’s interior designs. Favorite paint colors include golden yellow, bluebird, and spicy cayenne. This rug is the perfect match to add a pattern and texture to the room.

This rug has a colorful, Bohemian look that is lively and energetic. The colors are the perfect inspiration for accessories that will create a feeling in the space that is charismatic and colorful. Of course, this would make the perfect piece for a hallway, but it could also be used in a longer room. One of the more recent trends is using carpets of different colors and patterns to create a layered look. Perhaps using this one at an angle is another way to use it to add a touch of modern creativity.

Rugs play a central role in modern designs. They are no longer only supporting pieces for the furniture. They are taking center stage and providing the foundation for the design. This is a beautiful piece with a modern color palette, but it also relies on design traditions that go back centuries. This combination of the old and new makes this rug the perfect piece for creating a casual, refreshing look in your home.

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