Urban Design Modern Transitional Rug 61016


Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)

A Soft Grey Color Urban Design Modern Transitional Rug, Country / Origin: Pakistani, Circa / Weaving Date: Modern – This gorgeous abstract contemporary modern area rug creates a solid foundation for a contemporary room. Our modern transitional rugs have a solid feel, reminiscent of stone or concrete. The artist used a range of greys from pearl to deeper slate to create a piece that is perfect for modern interior design trends.

Interior designers continue to turn to neutral color tones for creating a space that is tranquil and relaxing. The abstract and more organic design of this magnificent modern transitional area rug can fit into a neutral space, without straying from the color palette. It adds texture, artistic sophistication and lots of interest but it does so without the need to add a lot of color. This modern carpet is perfect for the minimalist interior design , urban modern decor as well as many other home decor approaches.

Contemporary home designers are now changing the ideals that once dominated modern decor. The tendency is still to continue to rely on a more neutral color palette for a contemporary look, but now we are seeing more and more decorators break the monotony by adding surprising and unexpected colors in the accessories and artwork within the space.

This neutral grey color Pakistani area rug will add so much interest with its texture. That said, it use of softer colors will allow you to highlight surprising colorful features such as a colorful lamp, throw pillows, or wall art that will pop against the more natural shades that we see in this modern rug. But regardless of how you end up placing the rug in your home decor, it is quite sophisticated in its design and is sure to spark many fascinating conversations as well as countless compliments.

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