Tribal Vintage Flat Weave Caucasian Kilim Rug 50202


Size: 6 ft x 11 ft 9 in (1.83 m x 3.58 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

Vintage Tribal Flat Weave Caucasian Kilim Rug, Country / Origin: Caucasus, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century — The impactful pattern and impactful design of this striking vintage rug recreate the traditional bold geometric boldness of Caucasian rugs. This stunning mid century piece boasts the breathtakingly flawless symmetry and structured geometry unique to textiles woven in the Caucasus. Stunning use of color, pattern, and symmetry form an daring and enthralling work of art. A stark black background contrasts sharply against the rich crimson, bright white, clear orange, and warm green of the fascinating tribal motifs. Bold, bright, and aggressive, this stunning kilim rug is a truly striking and adventurous statement piece.

This magnificent, colorful flat weave area rug from the Caucasus Mountain region was created around the middle part of the 20th century. It features a diamonds within diamonds, geometric patterns within other geometric patterns and many tribal symbols throughout. It is a mid century rug, but its geometric pattern would also make the perfect compliment to a contemporary home decor setting. Many makers of modern area rugs are now trying to emulate these more traditional area rug patterns, but there is nothing as beautiful as an original.

This runner rug would make the perfect addition to a hallway or longer wider gallery space. It has a loosely repeating pattern, but it also has a spontaneity that only comes from a hand-made area rug. The pattern repeats, but it also has small variations that reflect the artistic choices of the weaver that can be seen throughout.

The colors and pattern of this Caucasian Kilim rug are the perfect match for today’s interior styles. Geometrics are a trend that finds its way into many contemporary styles. This rug has geometric patterns on several different scales with variations that give it character and depth.

Even though this carpet was created about 70 years ago, the colors look at if it was created for a contemporary color palette. It has an earthy and organic feel that makes it perfect for rooms with an eclectic or global world market feel. The bright colors and simple pattern also make it the perfect piece for a Boho chic room, too.

This year’s color trends include earthy colors and the colors of spices. This carpet would be the perfect accent for a palette that includes colors such as meadow green, earthy browns, terracotta, cider spice, and midnight blue. It has a look that is grounded and adaptable to many different modern trends.

This piece would also be the perfect addition to an ultra-modern space where its classic geometrics and diamond pattern create a focal point. The piece is also reminiscent of mid-century abstract art. This is a fascinating piece because it is a traditional tribal Caucasian rug, but it is versatile enough to complement several modern interior design trends. It will spark your creativity and help you to create a space that is fresh and energetic.

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