Vintage Barbro Nilsson Swedish Rya Karvar Design Marta Maas Rug 46888

Size: 5 ft x 7 ft (1.52 m x 2.13 m)

Crafted in the mid-20th century, this luxurious vintage Scandinavian rya showcases a fantastic minimalist pattern with graphic linear motifs and op-art tendencies.

A Shag Pile Vintage Barbro Nilsson Swedish Rya Area Rug That Was Woven By The Marta Maas Fjetterstrom Atelier , Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid 20th Century – This captivating vintage rug features an outstanding abstract pattern of lenticular stripes and sweeping parabola created by Barbro Nilsson called “Karvar”, for the Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom firm in the mid 1950’s. Elliptical curves, straight planes and sharp diagonal accents come together to form a wonderfully geometric pattern full of detail and op-art illusions.

Radiant crisscrossing stripes and polychromatic accents give the understated composition depth and movement as patterns and lines shift in and out of focus. Subtle low-contrast embellishments set over the warm citrine ground blend together smoothly while adding texture and playing off the blurred texture of the shaggy Rya-style pile. This outstanding vintage Swedish rug embodies mid-century modern rug minimalism with its understated color palette, impeccable geometry and dazzling use of linear motifs.

Vintage shag rugs were quite the staple of the interior design world during the middle to late 20th century. So too were the Scandinavian rugs that were created around the same time period. But thanks to TV shows and set designs like those of Mad Men, who incorporated these vintage rugs, the demand for mid century modern furniture, rugs, wall hanging tapestries and even textiles has surged.

For those who love mid century modern, there is no doubt that the Swedish Marta Maas atelier rugs are some of the most beautiful in the world. They are nature inspired and feature a wide range of colors and weaving textures. You could source them as flat weave area rugs or pile rugs and each approach will impact the look and feel of the piece in such a profound way.

Today, the rugs that were designed by Barbro Nilsson, like this Karvar Design rug, are some of the most in demand and considered to be some of the best rugs from the MMF atelier. They are truly remarkable works of art and amazing functional pieces for your home’s decor. Rugs like this would work easily in a multitude of interior design approaches, not only Scandi inspired home decors.

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