Vintage Scandinavian Marta Maas Swedish Pile Rug 70368


Size: 6 ft 6 in x 8 ft 3 in (1.98 m x 2.51 m)

Beautiful Vintage Scandinavian by Barbro Nilsson for Marta Maas Pile Rug, Country Of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa Date: Mid-20th Century – This gorgeous, earthy carpet is the unmistakable work of midcentury Swedish atelier of Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom. Fjetterstrom’s work reflected the natural world in the shapes and colors that she used. Her pieces reflect the natural beauty surrounding her early experiences in the quaint coastal town of Bastad, Sweden. This piece uses earthy browns, neutrals, and simple shapes to give it an organic quality and to express a connection with the soil that brings forth life.

This piece which was originally crafted in 1954 by the great Barbro Nilsson, is reminiscent of the many different colors of earth and soil. Each square is slightly different in hue. Some of them are bluer brown, while some of them are more red or green in tone. Each square in the design has a different texture and orientation. Each one stands out as unique, but yet, blends into the design as a whole. The small round circular shapes contrast with the larger squares, softening it, and creating interest.

This carpet bears the initials BN in the corner. Marta Maas passed away in 1941. For a time, her siblings closed her Studio. In 1942, the Studio reopened under the direction of Carl Malmsten, King Gustav V of Sweden, Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, and Erik Wettergren, the director of the National Museum of Stockholm. They saved the Studio from being dismantled.

In 1942, Barbro Nilsson took over the Studio and operated it from 1942-1970. Nilsson was a renowned artist at the time, and Marta Mass-Fjetterstrom hand-selected her has a replacement. BN indicates that this was work created by Nilsson. When Marta Maas died, she left a collection of over 700 rug designs that had not yet been created. Barbro Nilsson took it upon herself to work from these designs and finish some of the work that Marta Maas left behind.

The work and Swedish rugs of Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom was an international success. Her pieces were favored by wealthy visitors to the area near her Studio. After her death, her work lived on and is considered iconic as an example of midcentury design. This marvelous piece would be the perfect complement to a contemporary design that reflects the natural world. It is an authentic mid-century piece that is a breathtaking inspiration for a vintage or retro-inspired room. It is a gorgeous Scandinavian rug and an important piece of midcentury artwork.

For people who are looking to buy rugs and love mid century modern, finding area rugs such as this would be quite exciting!

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