Square Shape Very Fine Weave Antique Floral Turkish Sivas Rug 46267

Size: 12 ft 2 in x 12 ft 4 in (3.71 m x 3.76 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Sivas Rugs

Crafted in Turkey, this regal antique Sivas rug features a perfectly proportioned Turko-Persian medallion that is rendered in a warm Mediterranean color palette.

Antique Turkish Sivas Rug, Turkey, Early 20th Century – From the intricately patterned millefleur borders to the opulent medallion and spandrels, this exquisite antique Sivas carpet features an exceptional variety of fluid curvilinear arabesques, ornamental curves and flourishing vine scrolls that are rendered in a novel combination of tomato red, buff desert brown and glaucous sage green. The spectacular central medallion features rows of ogival petals that are decorated with dramatic palmettes and radiant vine scrolls. Fluid arabesques with feathery leaflets and fan-shaped palmettes cover the lavishly decorated field while separating the bold central medallion from the magnificent spandrels, which feature articulated calyces and glaucous shields. The fiery tomato-colored main borders and the softly colored guard bands complement the lavish style of the field and add a traditional Turkish influence to the regal composition.

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