Soft Decorative Large Size Geometric Antique Shabby Chic Indian Carpet 48301


Size: 10 ft 10 in x 18 ft 6 in (3.3 m x 5.64 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Richly decorated and precisely woven, this charming Indian carpet exhibits a lovely design that contrasts dramatically from the borders to the field.

Large Antique Indian Carpet, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: First Quarter of the Twentieth Century – This fascinating carpet from the first quarter of the twentieth century has several distinct design features that make it stand out. First off, it uses traditional Persian motifs and natural colors that are typically found in the tribal carpets throughout central and northwestern Persia. However, this one was produced in India. Yet, it has several features that give away its origins.

The story of this carpet began in the sixteenth century when the first Mughal Emperors were exiled to Persia. While there, they had a chance to witness firsthand how the beautiful carpets were made, and to gain the keys to Persian wealth. When they returned to India and began their rule, they brought with them the knowledge and traditional patterns of the Persian weavers.

Over time, Indian carpets developed in several distinctive features that make them stand out from the original Persian works. The Mughal Emperors mandated that the Indian weavers continued to reproduce the designs that were the secrets of Persian success, but they were not forbidden from taking a bit of artistic license. The result is a style that is unique and reflects the intersection of these two design styles.

Throughout this carpet, you can see the traditional cypress tree and willow tree motifs that are often found in Persian carpets. However, the proportions of the borders and field differ from what you expect to find in a tribal carpet. The borders of his carpet are much wider and take up a larger portion of the field than the typical Persian style. Another unique characteristic is that some of the motifs are represented only in outline form. This technique gives it the appearance of a delicate watercolor, or perhaps the appearance of age.

This carpet has a beautiful shabby chic look and a character that would be the perfect touch for a Boho chic or eclectic design. It is a beautiful piece that is unique for both its history and soft, composed look. This is the perfect piece for creating a restful and cozy sanctuary away from the rest of the world.

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