Soft Color Antique Oversized Square Shape Flat Woven Floral French Aubusson Carpet 8515

Size: 20 ft x 20 ft 8 in (6.1 m x 6.3 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Antique French Aubusson Carpet, Country of Origin: France, Circa: Late 19th Century – Here is a lovely antique rug – an antique Aubusson carpet, woven in the height of that style in France during the waning years of the nineteenth century. Beautifully composed, this lovely Aubusson is virtually all frame. The field consists simply of an arrangement of staggered roses on an ivory ground. The interest of the design lies in the grand border of rich moldings and scrolled cartouches that encloses and defines the carpet majestically from without. Supremely decorative by virtue of its understated field and its monumental yet simple frame, this carpet epitomizes the reserved design for which Aubussons are prized. Classical beauty, meticulous line work, and a stately approach to a very traditional style all characterize this impressive antique French Aubusson carpet, a beautiful example of a an endearingly appealing antique rug style.

This late 19th Century antique French rug was produced in the decades shortly after the French Revolution at a time when France was experiencing significant economic growth. This economic growth is reflected in the artistry of the antique rugs produced in Aubusson, France at the time, such as this fine example.

During this time, the more traditional antique Persian Oriental rugs were sign of wealth and were highly valued by the upper class. It is not surprising that elements of oriental design made their way into European art as well. This antique square size rug reflects the main field and style of the complex borders found in Persian rugs. However, this antique oversized rug it is uniquely French in the style of the flowers and its use of color on color to produce highly detailed designs. It is reminiscent of the ornate ceiling designs found in late 19th century architecture.

The delicate rose pink color of the rug was a highly prized color of the aristocracy in France at the time. Pink can often be found paired with gold filigree and white during this time period. Furniture was highly ornate with a high level of craftsmanship that included elements in relief and scroll work. French Aubusson sugs such as this example were designed to complement the overall style of the architecture and furniture pieces of the room.

This charming dusty rise colored antique Aubusson rug adds a touch of class and a feeling of extravagance to the room. It is a fine example of French artistic design at a time when France was experiencing a time of great success and power. This antique French Aubusson carpet is an outstandingly artistic piece and a rare find, particularly in this excellent condition. Examples such as this antique French flat woven Aubusson carpet are rare and becoming even more rare with time.

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