Oversized Light Color Floral Pattern Antique Flat Woven French Aubusson Rug 43633

Size: 17 ft 3 in x 20 ft 10 in (5.26 m x 6.35 m)
Origin: French Rugs

On this remarkably delicate antique Aubusson a central medallion is surrounded by a larger oval frame of garlands and festoons.

Antique Aubusson Rug, Origin: France, Circa: Late 19th Century – A gorgeous antique rug, an Aubusson carpet from France that was woven during the late 19th century. This remarkably delicate antique French Aubusson rug is a triumph of the elegance of simplicity and understated design. Characterized primarily by a deeply beautiful, almost ephemeral cluster of realistically rendered flowers working as a central medallion within an open field, this rug positively exudes grace. The large oval frame that surrounds the rug’s central floral medallion at a goodly distance is composed of lovely garlands and festoons, the intricacies of which highlight the stark, hauntingly beautiful emptiness of most of the field. The border proper is comprised by cartouche corner pieces and the rectangular panels between them which are filled in turn by swags and acanthus scrolls. An outer zone or border in mauve-tan in this antique French Aubusson rug, adds the final framing touch to a design of the utmost subtlety.

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