Soft Beige Linear Design Expressionist Modern 9 x 12 Size Rug 152702461

Size: 9 ft 1 in x 12 ft 3 in (2.77 m x 3.73 m)
Origin: Nepal Rugs

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Beautiful Soft Beige Linear Design Expressionist Modern 9 x 12 Size Rug, Rug Type / Country of Origin: Nepal, Circa Date: Modern / New Rug – This modern expressionist rug has a gentle and delicate feel. It almost appears to be ink on soft Japanese Mulberry paper. Expressionist artwork is meant to convey a feeling, rather than concentrating on the visual qualities of the world around us. It is a glimpse into the inner world of the artist and evokes a feeling in the viewer as well.

This is a delicate piece that has a feeling flow and connection to the natural world in both its colors and the organic qualities of the lines. It appears as if the artist was using a thin ink that flows when the brush touches the paper. The placement of the lines that appear to almost touch somewhere off the edge of the page gently pulls the eye to the center of the work. The lines are roughly horizontal, but they are not created with geometric precision. Rather, they appear to be an expressive brushstroke of the artist.

The neutral colors of the carpet from Nepal transition through a series of earthy brown hues. A single line just below the midpoint of the design has a rose-tone, that is reminiscent of the colors found in florals. The form, flow, and feeling of this piece have and Oriental character that is similar to brush calligraphy.

This modern rug imparts a peaceful, zen-like character to the space. It is the perfect carpet for a room where you want to create a tranquil and relaxing feel. It has an organic quality that is reminiscent of the natural world, and it would make the perfect accent for a room filled with plants and natural textures. This beautifully decorative and soft modern 9 x 12 size rug evokes a feeling of relaxation that will create the perfect sanctuary away from the world.

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