Small Square Antique Artistic Tribal Geometric African Kuban Rug 46134

Size: 2 ft 1 in x 2 ft 2 in (0.63 m x 0.66 m)
Origin: African Rugs

Charming endless knots with angular contours create a stunning repeating pattern that decorates the compartmental body of this chic antique Kuban rug from Africa.

Antique African Kuban Rug, Country of Origin: Africa, Circa Date: Turn of the 20th Century – This outstanding antique Kuban rug from Africa showcases a graphic pattern of angular knotwork motifs that create a bold repeating pattern that is delineated by subtly defined compartments. The polychromatic knotwork motifs depict contrasting outlines and striped details that emphasize their intricacy and striking under-over format. Achromatic accents, including ochre yellow, kohl black and robust brown fill in the sleek background while creating a fabulously decorative surface. These exceptional African textiles have been prized by collectors and high society citizens in Europe for their graphic style, highly geometric patterns and stark neutral colors. Henri Matisse was so enamored with Kuba cloths that he purportedly displayed a collection in his studio.

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