Antique African Kuban Mat 46135


Size: 1 ft 6 in x 1 ft 9 in (0.46 m x 0.53 m)
Origin: African Rugs

Created in Africa, this antique Kuban mat depicts a graphic pattern of geometric lozenges set over a rich cocoa-brown ground that forms a bold latticework pattern.

Antique African Kuban Mat, Origin: Congo, Africa – This exquisite Kuban mat showcases an exceptional allover pattern of fenestrated camel brown lozenges set over a rich chocolaty background. The simplistic repeating pattern creates a graphic visage with its neutral color scheme and warm earth-tone hues. Subtle variations in the proportions of each geometric lozenge create corresponding variations in the counterchange background, which forms a stately latticework pattern of meandering chocolaty brown paths. This timeless example of African handicraft techniques is richly cultural yet graphic and inherently modern. Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse are among the prominent European modern artists who admired Kuba cloths and drew inspiration from the stark geometric patterns and dramatic modern lines depicted in these individual textiles.

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