Small Size Antique Blue Indian Agra Rug 2646

Size: 4 ft 7 in x 6 ft 9 in (1.4 m x 2.06 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

This lovely little antique Oriental Agra from India is graced with a fine, jewel-like design of closely worked vines and flowers in ivory and soft green.

Beautiful Small Blue Indian Agra Rug, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: 1900 – This antique Indian Agra rug, is a magnificent and artistic example. Beautifully and lovingly preserved, this antique Oriental rug draws the eye with its expertly crafted flower and leaf designs that play upon an alternating backdrop of vibrant reds and rich blues. This beautiful blue Indian Agra rug features interior borders in sharp outlines encapsulate flowers inspired by the Persian rug designs so loved by ancient Mogul rulers.

The classic artistry displayed in this antique Indian Agra blue colored rug is suitable for any room in the house. The authentic craftsmanship makes this antique rug the perfect decorative piece for any room’s interior design.

Whether in a grand European manor house or a villa along the canals of Venice, in a modern music room or a Provencal kitchen, this superb design has remained fitting through the ages and is suitable in every manner of design today. Make it the anchoring piece for your city loft, or the only rug in a sanctuary room. While an antique, this beautiful small scatter size carpet remains timeless and will be the perfect addition to any home.

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