Small Coral Color Antique Chinese Rug 49973

Size: 3 ft x 5 ft (0.91 m x 1.52 m)
Origin: China

A Charming Small Scatter Size Coral Color Antique Chinese Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Rugs From China, Circa Date: 1920’s – Using only coral, blue and white, this antique Chinese rug is a beautiful example of the artistic sensibilities that inspired the Art Deco designs of the 1920’s. It has the formal elements resembling those seen in Persian rugs, such as a central medallion, corner brackets, and complex orders. The geometric shapes provide a modern appeal and add a sense of formality to any room decor.

During the 1920’s, Art Deco designs of America and Europe were inspired by elements of oriental design. An authentic example of Chinese artistry was considered an exceptionally desirable piece to show off one’s sophistication. This small scatter size rug is a beautiful example that would have been just as appreciated then as it is now.

The sense of formality is further enhanced by the use of horizontal and vertical symmetry in the rug from China, as well as the regular placement of motifs and color. Tone on tone blue is used to add shading to floral and leaf motifs throughout the Chinese antique rug. This coral colored antique Chinese rug uses only a simple color palette, but it manages to create a high level of detail and design interest.

The color and design of this magnificent and sweet coral color antique Chinese rug is delicate and gentle. It is a small scatter size antique Chinese rug and would work well as an accent piece, or perhaps underneath a coffee table or in a bedroom. There are many possibilities for using this antique rug to add a sense of formality and tradition to the room.

Regardless of how or where one chooses to display this artistic carpet, it is the type of piece that will instantaneously brighten up any space while adding a romantic feel of innocence.

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