Small Size Blue Color Geometric Medallion Design Antique Chinese Rug 72066

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Size: 2 ft 3 in x 4 ft (0.69 m x 1.22 m)
Origin: China

A Beautiful And Versatile Small Size Blue Color Geometric Antique Chinese Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: 1900 – This gorgeous antique Chinese rug boasts soothing and dreamy shades of blues that play off each other to create a feeling of midnights bliss. Beautifully balanced, this small scatter size rug features a navy blue border with a geometric adaptation of the running dog border pattern, in a lighter blue tone, within. The main outer border features a magnificent Wan design rendered in some beautiful abrash color variations which alternate between deep blue and medium blue. This play of colors also creates a facinating artistic tension between the navy blues that we see in the border and the charcoal color of the main field.

Floating calmly in the midnight sea of are finely detailed “Asian” themed elements, in lighter shades of blue that give the feeling as if they are light up by the soft moon light. These designs were were rendered with care and create a feeling of ancient mystery. A winding geometric design motif, similar to that of the rug’s border, is featured in each of the four corners.

This magnificent area rug from China is small but impactful in its look and feel. It is the kind of area rug that will make its presence known and felt through its magnificent use of color and pattern. This small scatter size Chinese rug is exquisitely balanced and is expertly composed. It features sumptuous design elements and subtle colors and make it quite decorative in nature.

While this rug is mistakenly Chinese in its deign and colors, rugs and carpets such as this are amazingly versatile. That is why rugs such as this are relatively easy to place in many different interior design approaches.

For people who are embarking on a rug buying quest, and are looking for a smaller size antique area rug that could work almost anywhere, geometric antique Chinese rug should top the list.

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