Early Antique Silk And Metallic Threading 17th Century Persian Embroidery Textile 46116


Size: 4 ft x 4 ft 3 in (1.22 m x 1.3 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This outstanding representation of antique Persian embroideries depicts an exquisite repeating pattern of grand floral motifs set over a sumptuous aurum background.

Early Antique Textile Silk And Metallic Threading Persian Textile Embroidery, Country Of Origin: Persia, Weaving Date: 17th Century – Reminiscent of traditional block prints, this exquisite exemplification of antique Persian embroideries depicts a multitude of carefully executed repeating motifs that are exceptionally precise and true to form throughout the immense composition. In a traditional style, the repeating pattern is carefully placed around a radiant floral medallion, which highlights the sumptuous, luminescent aurum-colored field. Elaborate corner pieces make an incursion toward the central medallion while highlighting the corners of the bordered field. The lush botanical emblems, which feature an almost inconceivable level of detail, are carefully placed at regular intervals throughout the lavish borders of this magnificent antique piece. This impressive precision creates a marvelous continuity and a fantastic repeating pattern that emulates the enduring principles of textile design in an extraordinary hand-stitched manner.

This is a complete 17th century piece and is rare find among the antique textile and embroideries. This is because most of the early textiles and embroideries did no survive in their entirety. For each one that we are able to find that is complete, there are hundreds of other examples that are only fragments and sections of the original piece.

Naturally, a textile of this age, condition and beauty will usually find its way to a textile collectors personal collection, there is a growing interest in these captivating historical weavings within the interior design community as well as within more sophisticated private clients. The non textile collectors who buy there rare and collectible pieces tend to incorporate them into their home decor and interior designs. Some will place them over a table to create a more beautiful decorating element while others may use them as bed covers or even wall hanging tapestries. But regardless of how you ultimately end up incorporating it into your life, this magnificent and rare example is sure to become a cherished familial heirloom piece.

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