Shabby Chic Tiger Design Antique Indian Rug 49219

Size: 7 ft 10 in x 12 ft (2.39 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Beautiful Shabby Chic Tiger Design Antique Indian Rug 49219, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Indian Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – This beautiful shabby chic rug from India combines the classic with the modern to establish a beautiful design all its own. The use of elegant greens and earth tones within this magnificent tiger rug creates a soothing color palette that entices the viewer, encouraging them to observe the finer details of the animal rug at their own pace. A single border is set a little bit off of the edge of the antique rug, meant to captivate attention through an angular winding pattern. At the very center of the masterpiece is the embroidered image of a tiger animal pelt, stretched and designed with graceful vertical symmetry that stands out against the presence of the green background.

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