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Runner rugs on sale – Runner rugs are unique because they can be as long as large rugs but not as wide. These long and narrow rugs on sale are ideal for closing together two rooms, or acting as a bridging element between appropriately spaced furnishings within the room. Decorators can choose runners that are as long as they are needed, and many will feature cascading motifs that encourage the viewer to view to gaze down the rug’s length in order to capture the full splendor.

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The length of the runner rugs may be used to anchor longer hallways, corridors, or even be used along a staircase as a way to decorate a vertical space. The runners on sale offer a great many possibilities at prices that are lower than one would expect.

Our runner rugs on sale may feature any broad variety of designs and patterns. It is not uncommon to see runner rugs for sale that developed with all types of motifs and cultural elements. From Turkish to Persian, all types of runners may be purchased for their powerful unifying characteristics. Selecting the ideal runner on sale involves deciding on a motif that can unify the rest of the environment. It can be a good idea to shop according to theme and color, but paying attention to connected motions can result in an even more profound effect within the room.

Our runners rugs on sale range from approx 2 to 4 feet wide and anywhere from 7 to 30 feet long.

We at Nazmiyal Antique Carpets have a comprehensive and varied selection of antique runner rugs for sale. Our runners sale selection includes tribal Persia and Kurdish pieces, as well as other rugs from Turkey and the Caucuses, and even hooked rugs from America.

Persian rugs and traditional oriental rugs have been a part of classic and traditional room decor for many centuries. Now, interior designers turn to oriental rugs when they want to create a unique design in a contemporary space. They often serve as the focal point of the room design, and their colors inspire accents and artwork throughout the space. Persian rugs allow you to create an old-world feel that adds character and charm.

Oriental rugs are versatile when it comes to color, design, and scale. One thing you do not have to be afraid of when it comes to oriental rugs is mixing colors and patterns. A popular trend in recent years has been creating a layered look, and a runner rug can be the perfect way to add depth and character to the design. Persian and oriental rugs give the room charm like no other rug style can do.

Rugs from this collection are perfect for an average hallway or long, narrow space in your home or office. You can also use them to create a vignette along a wall or to connect two spaces of the home. We offer a range of styles that include tribal Caucasian and Malayer rugs that are perfect for a Boho Chic room. We also have styles that include the formal rugs of Khotan for a refined and sophisticated look. Colors range from earthy neutrals to vibrant creations that fill the space with color.

These rugs make a beautiful addition to a narrow space in your kitchen or to place alongside your bed for a soft landing for your feet. They are perfect for a Boho Chic or Eco Chic design with their natural feel and folk-art character. The repeating designs of the rug highlight the length of the space and can be used to add depth to the design.

Nazmiyal Gallery offers a wide selection of hallway runner rugs that allow you to create a design that is as unique as you are. If you have any questions about one of our fine selections, feel free to call our professional staff, and we will be happy to help.

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