Primitive Design Modern Moroccan Rug 60999

Size: 9 ft 8 in x 11 ft 10 in (2.95 m x 3.61 m)

A  Beautiful Primitive Design Modern Moroccan Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa date: Modern – Browns are the new neutral in the world of interior design this year. Taupe and beige have always been considered the foundation for a neutral palette. Now, this trend extends to many shades and saturation levels of browns. Designers pair browns with retro-inspired shades of blue, and they are also choosing warmer shades of red.

The large-scale, primitive design of this gorgeous modern area rug was inspired by the designs and rugs of the Moroccan Beni Ourain tribes. This tribal culture continues to etch out an existence from the harsh landscape of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They continue to live a traditional lifestyle that remains almost untouched by the modern world.

The artist who created this piece drew inspiration from the traditional and original rug designs of the Moroccan tribes using simple, geometric shapes and bold contrast. In the original area rugs from Morocco that inspired this work, the symbols represent concepts and ideas. They tell the story of the people and create a connection to these ancient cultural traditions.

This rug from Afghanistan is a fascinating piece because the artist recreates the storytelling motifs on a large scale. This primitively designed modern Moroccan area rug would make an excellent addition to an Eco-Chic or nature-inspired interior design. Its tribal flavor would also make a perfect foundation for a Boho Chic space. You could easily see this piece in front of a leather sofa or as part of a design that features Moroccan poufs and other textured pieces.

This earthy piece would be at home in a design that features large-scale plant material and pieces made from natural materials throughout the space. Vintage rugs from Morocco are a traditional addition to Mid Century modern design rooms where they served as a point of contrast to the hard lines and geometric shapes of popular furniture styles. Today, retro-inspired furniture continues to be a trend that is gaining momentum, and this piece would make an excellent focal point for your Mid Century Modern-inspired design.

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