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Pierre Cardin Rugs – There are a handful of twentieth-century designers whose ideas and designs were so bold and innovative that they transcended their field to become household names. One of those designers is the legendary Pierre Cardin. Born in Italy in 1922 and educated in France, Cardin has created an international brand with an impressively diverse range of products. Cardin has been designing products in his signature style for decades, and had worked on products as varied as clothing, accessories, bicycles, area rugs, furniture and interior design pieces. With his distinct style, which has been described as being a mix between space-age aesthetics and geometric experimentation, Cardin was among an elite group of designers whose works were so prevalent in day to day life that his design style had a definitive impact on prevailing trends of the times.

Cardin’s family immigrated to Paris in 1924. Following years of poverty in the wake of the Second World War, he studied architecture and later became the head of the Dior fashion house before establishing his own haute couture atelier. Cardin traveled extensively, and his early fashion designs were heavily inspired by then-contemporary trends in Japanese fashion. Ever innovative, Cardin applied his distinct and exciting style to every product that he designed – including some very special vintage rugs. Cardin’s carpet designs embody his signature geometric style along with stylistic elements synonymous with mid-century design trends. Pierre Cardin carpets include a woven inscription with the designer’s full name written in a cursive script.

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