Oversized Floral Antique Persian Kerman Rug 70936


Size: 13 ft 6 in x 24 ft 2 in (4.11 m x 7.37 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Gorgeous Decorative Oversized Floral Antique Persian Kerman Area Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 – The antique Persian Kerman rugs are known for their exquisite designs and delicate details that the room an air of elegance and sophistication like few other rugs can do. This gorgeous piece was created around the beginning part of the 20th century at a time when the Persian rug industry was experiencing a revival. During the 1880s, a formal attempt was made to restore the Persian rug industry to its former importance and level of artistry. The result led to rugs that rely on traditional designs that had been used for several centuries, only they were made to reflect the styles and tastes of the time.

The Persian rugs from Kerman were a favorite in Victorian homes and formal estates of the factory owners of the industrial era. Today, we love them for their classic style and ability to transform the room into a cozy sanctuary. The fine details of this Oversized rug and its beautiful color palette come together in a way that makes an artistic statement in the space. The floral design brings in the feeling of a summer garden, making it perfect for introducing elements of the outdoors to create a feeling of calm and peace.

If your style is contemporary, and the furniture that you choose has simple lines and solid colors, this rug is the perfect way to add color and pattern to the design and create a focal point in the room. You could use the rug to inspire choices in throw pillows and accent pieces throughout the space for a balanced and harmonious look. Persian antique rugs are classics that have remained staples of interior spaces for many centuries.

We still love them, and they make the perfect way to create a refined and elegant look in the interior. The formal design of this rug would make it perfect for a dining hall or for creating a cozy space for conversation. It sparks the imagination and is a rug for creating a traditional look in your interior space.

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