Antique Oversize Persian Lavar Kerman Rug 49681


Size: 15 ft x 21 ft 8 in (4.57 m x 6.6 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Magnificent and Extremely Fine Antique Oversize Persian Lavar Kerman Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1880 – This antique Persian rug is overfilling with various soft color hues. The exquisite and refined detail floral patterns, within this antique Persian Lavar Kerman rug, are create a fanciful design that is as beautiful as it is impressive.

From a distance, this antique Oversized rug appears to be filled with limited pallet of tonal colors. However, once one takes a closer look, they will begin to notice that colors are quite “rich” in their essence and pallet itself is extremely varied.

The densely populated design, especially the use of the iconic boteh paisley design, is reminiscent of the patterns that we normally associate with fine antique floral shawls. This level of intricate detail work can only be achieved by weaving a rug that is extremely fine.

This antique oversize Persian Lavar Kerman rug also features a multilayered complex series of borders.  These encompassing borders reflect the intricacy and colors that can be seen in the field. This results in a wonderful balanced look and feel.

A rug of this quality, especially one that is this large,  would have taken well over a year or two to create. This is generally a sign that the piece was originally a custom made rug that was commissioned by a rug buyer who wanted and was willing to pay what it takes to create it.

Without a doubts, this antique Persian Kerman rug is a magnificent achievement of Persian rug weaving. It’s soft colors and intricately subtle patterns make it a wonderfully decorative rug as well.

For those looking to acquire a fine rug that has an antique old world look and feel, this antique oversize Persian Lavar Kerman rug is surly one that you should consider. Its soft colors will make a magnificent backdrop for showcasing everything in the room that you are decorating.

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